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Absolute Pleasure

Absolute Pleasure

Absolute Pleasure
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2019 год
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FBI agent Sunny MacGregor is a whiz at solving puzzles. She's also ambitious.So when an unusual case comes along, she's ready to jump in. What she's not ready for is Duncan Chamberlain. The hot insurance recovery agent offers his help in finding the suspect, except she isn't sure she wants it. Her body, though, is more than anxious to get close to him….For months the Seducer, a con man who seduces women out of their jewelry–and their clothes!–has been on the loose, and Duncan wants to stop him. Hooking up with Sunny seems harmless at the time and an easy way to get back his clients' property. But the more time he and Sunny spend together, the more he thinks about sex…and whether she's willing to jeopardize all she's worked for just for a few nights of absolute pleasure…!

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Год издания: 2019

ISBN (EAN): 9781472028389