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Dad by Default

Dad by Default

Dad by Default
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2019 год
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Anyone Can–And Will–Make A MistakeDr. Connor Hardison's dislike of single mothers has every upstanding citizen in Downhome on his side. The person who isn't impressed–for a little while–by the town's newest bachelor is his nurse, but then, his disapproval is nothing compared with what she's already endured.An unexpected pregnancy may have ruined Yvonne Johnson's reputation, but she won't be the sole object of wagging tongues and pointing fingers once the gossips discover that the clinic's new physician doesn't exactly walk on water. Not only has he fallen for Yvonne, but Downhome's «fallen woman» isn't the only single parent in town.Just how welcome in Downhome can this dad by default and his nurse hope to be?

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Год издания: 2019

ISBN (EAN): 9781474021890