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Erotic Fantasy

Erotic Fantasy
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Numerous and diverse points of view come together in this work, demonstrating the multiple aspects that sexuality can present. If nothing is more natural than sexual desire, it is nothing less than the forms by which this desire is expressed and found to satisfy. This book invites you on a special journey, into the universe of emotion, of pleasure and desire.

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  • Introduction
  • Love’s Body Reflections on Fragmentation of the Body
  • Which brings us back to the Anatomical Blazons.
  • The Erotic Orient
  • Bound Happiness Chinese Eroticism
  • Between the Sublime and the Grotesque Japanese Erotic Engravings
  • In Praise of the Backside
  • Our Arses Shall Be Symbols of Peace
  • Feet-Ishism
  • Sapphic Art
  • Sappho’s Repudiated Love
  • Objects of Desire
  • “SEE ME! - TOUCH ME!” The Eroticism of Touch
  • Sadomasochism
  • On the Ecstasies of the Whip
  • Ecstasy
  • The Kiss
  • Oral Pleasures
  • Sexology: Kisses Better Than Valium
  • Priapus
  • The Damned God
  • The Manipulated Breasts
  • The Covered Breast
  • The Breast in Psychoanalysis
  • The Liberated Breast
  • Index
  • Notes