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Your Daughter

Your Daughter

Your Daughter
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2018 год
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The ultimate guide to raising girls.Have you ever wondered why…• It's the end of the world if her best friend won't play with her?• She moans about wearing school uniform, then goes out dressed exactly the same as all the other girls?• She spends all day with her friends but still needs to talk to them all evening?Written by head teachers and staff from some of the finest girls' schools in the country, Your Daughter is full of practical advice to help you negotiate the challenges of raising a daughter in the twenty-first century:• why girls are different• the importance of her friends• family relationships• self esteem• eating disorders• girls' bullying• social networking and the internet• influence of the media• helping her succeed at schoolYou may be bringing up one, two or even three daughters, but the authors of this book have hundreds of thousands of girls passing through their care each year. Your Daughter helps you to understand what makes her tick, from her first day at school until she flies the nest.

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Год издания: 2018

ISBN (EAN): 9780007371242