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Flatland: a romance

Flatland: a romance
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  • SECTION 1. Of the Nature of Flatland
  • SECTION 2. Of the Climate and Houses in Flatland
  • SECTION 3. Concerning the Inhabitants of Flatland
  • SECTION 4. Concerning the Women
  • SECTION 5. Of our Methods of Recognizing one another
  • SECTION 6. Of Recognition by Sight
  • SECTION 7. Concerning Irregular Figures
  • SECTION 8. Of the Ancient Practice of Painting
  • SECTION 9. Of the Universal Colour Bill
  • SECTION 10. Of the Suppression of the Chromatic Sedition
  • SECTION 11. Concerning our Priests
  • SECTION 12. Of the Doctrine of our Priests
  • SECTION 13. How I had a Vision of Lineland
  • SECTION 14. How I vainly tried to explain the nature of Flatland
  • SECTION 15. Concerning a Stranger from Spaceland
  • SECTION 16. How the Stranger vainly endeavoured to reveal to me in words the mysteries of Spaceland
  • SECTION 17. How the Sphere, having in vain tried words, resorted to deeds
  • SECTION 18. How I came to Spaceland, and what I saw there
  • SECTION 19. How, though the Sphere shewed me other mysteries of Spaceland, I still desire more; and what came of it
  • SECTION 20. How the Sphere encouraged me in a Vision
  • SECTION 21. How I tried to teach the Theory of Three Dimensions to my Grandson, and with what success
  • SECTION 22. How I then tried to diffuse the Theory of Three Dimensions by other means, and of the result
  • Notes