The Great Shadow and Other Napoleon

The Great Shadow and Other Napoleon
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"The Great Shadow and other Napoleonic Tales", is an Action & Adventure novel published in 1892. The novel takes place in the Napoleonic era on the English-Scottish border city called West Inch. The Great Shadow refers to the Napoleon’s influence and his reputation that forms a shadow over West Inch.

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  • Chapter I – The night of the beacons
  • Chapter II – Cousin Edie of Eyemouth
  • Chapter III – The shadow on the waters
  • Chapter IV – The choosing of Jim
  • Chapter V – The man from the sea
  • Chapter VI – A wandering eagle
  • Chapter VII – The Corriemuir Peel Tower
  • Chapter VIII – The coming of the cutter
  • Chapter IX – The doings at west inch
  • Chapter X – The return of the shadow
  • Chapter XI – The gathering of the nations
  • Chapter XII – The shadow on the land
  • Chapter XIII – The end of the storm
  • Chapter XIV – The tally of death
  • Chapter XV – The end of it
  • The crime of the brigadier
  • The "Slapping Sal."