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The Tycoon's Marriage Bid

The Tycoon's Marriage Bid

The Tycoon's Marriage Bid
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2018 год
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HAD SHE FALLEN DOWN A RABBIT HOLE?Self-sufficient Nikki Day didn't know what to think when she awoke to find herself in a strange hospital staring at the man who was unknowingly responsible for her current «situation.» And even though she'd tried–apparently unsuccessfully–to put some distance between herself and her ex-boss, she and her unborn baby now depended on Alex Reed's care. Besides, any hopes Nikki had of maintaining a professional relationship crumbled when she saw the «honeymoon cottage» he'd rented. And if the heart-shaped whirlpool tub didn't shift her hormones into high gear, Alex's mere touch certainly did. But when the tycoon made his marriage bid, Nikki faced her toughest task yet. Could she turn a proposal born of duty into one of desire?

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Год издания: 2018

ISBN (EAN): 9781472082275