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Agent Daddy

Agent Daddy

Agent Daddy
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2018 год
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HE'D QUIT THE BUREAU TO WRANGLE TWO KIDS…AND GOT LASSOED BY ONE BEAUTIFUL WOMAN All hell broke loose when word spread that a vengeful serial killer was headed for the Triple T ranch. Fearing the worst, former FBI agent Luke Tripper entrusted his orphaned niece and nephew to Faith Bishop's tender loving care while he hunted down his prey. Their smoldering attraction chased away the winter chill, but the fiercely independent schoolteacher bristled when the brusque cattleman ordered round-the-clock protection.Despite the looming danger, Faith's unflinching courage stirred Trip's deepest emotions…and he hungered to hold her close. Now with the body count rising and his loved ones in peril, would this hometown hero lay his heart on the line?

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Год издания: 2018

ISBN (EAN): 9781408947753