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2019 год

Spring Blossoms


Here, for the infant minds, fair spring,
Blossoms of bright truth we bring,
Seeds of virtue there to sow,
Ere a single weed can grow.
Here may you learn how sweet the bliss,
To worship nature’s loveliness,
Escaping through her flow’ry charm,
Each thought or wish to do a harm.
For when the tender buds of truth,
Expand within the minds of youth,
They cast a bloom around the heart
That will not but with life depart.
Then take these tender blossoms rare,
Preserve their sweets with gentle care,
And ev’ry day thro’ life you’ll find
New flowers blooming in your mind.



This is Robinson Crusoe’s man, whom he named Friday, because he fell in with him on that day of the week. When Man Friday first saw Robinson Crusoe, he offered to be his servant; he was accepted as such, and Crusoe found him very useful, for having been born in that desolate country where Crusoe had been cast away, he was well acquainted with the forms and customs of the neighboring inhabitants, as well as with all the secret caverns and other mysterious places upon the islands.

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