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The Secret Language Of Cats

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2019 год
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Do you speak to your cat? Do you feel your cat understands you and vice versa?Suitable for tablets. Some special characters may not display correctly on older devices.We recommend that you download a sample and check the ‘Note to the Reader’ page before purchase.Cat lovers across the globe know cats can speak. In this compelling new book, Susanne Schotz – a professor at Sweden’s Lund University – shares insights into her long-standing cat communication research. Proving that cats not only speak to one another, but also to their human caretakers.This clever book teaches us how to better understand our cats by translating their sounds, recognising their meaning in different situations and giving practical tips to understand them better.Unlocking the cat code, this crash course in cat phonetics is the perfect gift for cat-lovers everywhere.

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Год издания: 2019

ISBN (EAN): 9781474085076