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Alegra's Homecoming

Alegra's Homecoming

Alegra's Homecoming
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2019 год
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The Good Thing About Coming HomeThe glossy curtain of blond hair, the cashmere coat-nobody would ever connect the fabulous Alegra Reynolds with «Al» Peterson, the grimy little poor girl who'd hated growing up on Shelter Island, in Puget Sound. There'd been nobody to share her unhappiness then and there was nobody to appreciate her success now.Or was there?Is That You're Never AloneThe island Joe Lawrence remembered was the perfect place to raise his three-year-old son, which is why the award-winning newspaperman decided to leave the bright lights and bustle of New York behind. A bit of sleuthing revealed a lot about the new Alegra, but nothing about her troubled past. Would the glamorous jet-setter touch down long enough for them to build a life together, or would she do what she'd done before-simply walk away?

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Год издания: 2019

ISBN (EAN): 9781474021395