What is Man? and Other Essays

What is Man? and Other Essays
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"What is Man?" was Twain's most serious, philosophical and private book. He kept it locked in his desk, considered it to be his Bible, and spoke of it as such to friends when he read them passages. He had written it, rewritten it, was finally satisfied with it, but still chose not to release it until after his death. It appears in the form of a dialogue between an old man and a young man who discuss who and what mankind really is and provides a new and different way of looking at who we are and the way we live. Anyone who thinks Twain was not a brilliant philosopher should read this book.

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  • What is Man?
  • The Death of Jean
  • The Turning-Point of My Life
  • How to Make History Dates Stick
  • The Memorable Assassination
  • A Scrap of Curious History
  • Switzerland, the Cradle of Liberty
  • At the Shrine of St. Wagner
  • William Dean Howells
  • English as She is Taught
  • A Simplified Alphabet
  • As Concerns Interpreting the Deity
  • Concerning Tobacco
  • The Bee
  • Taming the Bicycle
  • Is Shakespeare Dead?
  • Примечания