Tales collection

Tales collection
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This collection consist of 62 fairy tales, which teach children to distinguish between good and evil, provoke the reader’s interest towards sciences, help to develop children’s imagination.

The book is illustrated by the author.

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  • The Happiness of the Tuata
  • A Journey Through Time
  • The Tale of the Moon-Elves
  • Tales of the Consrellations
  • The Astrologer Lee
  • The Legend of the Milky Way
  • The Great Dog and the Little Dog
  • Perseus and Andromeda. The Lion and the Little Lion
  • Pegasus
  • The Archer, the Arrow and the Serpent
  • The Sea Monster and the Water-Carrier
  • The Fishes and the Southern Fish
  • The Scales
  • The Lynx, the Eagle and the Scorpion
  • The Lyre and the Whale
  • The Charioteer and the Little Horse
  • The Bull
  • The Hare, the Toucan and the Crab
  • The Dove, the Fox and the Dragon
  • The Wolf
  • The Dolphin
  • The Phoenix, Cassiopeia, Orion and the Centaur
  • The Cup
  • The Great Bear and the Little Bear
  • The Virgin, the Swan and the Hunting Dogs
  • The Painter and the Bird of Paradise
  • The Indian and the Octant
  • The Ram
  • The Sextant and the River
  • The Sculptor
  • Berenice’s Hair, the Northern Crown, the Southern Crown and the Herdsman
  • The Furnace and the Microscope
  • The Giraffe and the Goat
  • The Water Snake, the Chisel and the Crane
  • The Twins
  • The Serpent Bearer and the Lizard
  • The Flying Fish and the Goldfish
  • The Unicorn and Table Mountain
  • The Net and the Telescope
  • The Cross and the Clock
  • The Shield
  • The Ship Argo[2], Cepheus and Hercules
  • The Fly and the Chameleon
  • The Peacock and the Altar
  • The Triangle
  • The Raven
  • The Southern Triangle, the Compasses and the Square
  • The Lullaby Tales
  • Uncle Moon
  • The Beautiful Valley
  • The Mist
  • The Day
  • The Shadow
  • Marina
  • The Rainbow Girl
  • The Lazy Shore
  • The Evening
  • The Night
  • The Rain
  • The Frost-Child
  • The Brothers Cold
  • The Sound
  • The Winds and the Silence
  • The Little Flower Elf
  • Lyubov Talimonova
  • Примечания