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Unlawfully Wedded

Unlawfully Wedded

Unlawfully Wedded
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2018 год
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There Ought to Be a Law Against Men Like J. D. Porter…Hell-bent on discovering how the body of her long-lost father came to be shored up in the walls of The Rose Tattoo, the last thing Tory Conway needed was J. D. Porter running interference. Unfortunately she'd already married the gray-eyed gallant–even if it was in name only.J.D. was used to getting what he wanted from people, and he swore he'd use that skill to hunt down Tory's father's killer. But J.D. wanted much more than gratitude from his sassy blond bride–and hell if he was going to clue her in. She'd find out soon enough…if she survived to hear about it.

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Год издания: 2018

ISBN (EAN): 9781472064950