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Shoes, Chocs, Bags and Frocks

Shoes, Chocs, Bags and Frocks

Shoes, Chocs, Bags and Frocks
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2018 год
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Sometimes all a woman needs is a great pair of shoes – sometimes chocolate is the swiftest route to happiness. In this beautifully produced collection of drawings specifically for women, Edward Monkton brings together some of his best-known musings in his own quirky and inimitable style. It’s the perfect gift for mothers and for women of all ages.Following the phenomenal success of such stylish and original gift books as The Lady and the Chocolate, The Pig of Happiness, The Shoes of Salvation, Love and The Wonderful Man, Edward Monkton now assembles those drawings and thoughts that speak most eloquently to the hearts of women everywhere.Edward Monkton’s strangely philosophical take on all aspects of love, life and happiness have made Monkton’s drawings stylish collectors’ items and a mark of good taste year in, year out. Reflecting on the indulgent pleasures that all women can enjoy, Shoes, Chocs, Bags and Frocks makes a perfect gift book for any special occasion without indulging in those sinful calories or stretching your credit card.

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Год издания: 2018

ISBN (EAN): 9780007454105