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Grumpy Old Men: A Manual for the British Malcontent

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2019 год


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At last! A comprehensive, handy guide for the misery-guts in your life.Are you an irritable, crabby, cantankerous, malcontented old grump? Well relax, because you're not alone. Grumpy Old Men is an annotated, cross-referenced and fully illustrated manual for malcontents everywhere: the comprehensive Gripes of Wrath.A compilation of gripes and grumbles, illustrated with blood-boiling images such as derailed trains and traffic wardens throughout.The next time you find yourself enraged by pointless speed bumps, overcrowded trains, ill-mannered drivers, irritating adverts, inefficient customer help-lines, overbooked airlines, inconsiderate cyclists, slow-moving caravans, extortionate bank charges, persistent charity collectors, mindless hotel muzak, unfunny clowns or just plain miserable British weather, let this book take the strain.The ultimate in stress-relief for the 21st-Century Grouch.

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