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Sleeping Beauty Suspect

Sleeping Beauty Suspect

Sleeping Beauty Suspect
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2018 год
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HE RUSHED UP THE STEPS TO FIND A HONEY-BLOND HEIRESS WAITING TO BE ROUSED FROM HER DEEP, TERRIBLE SLEEP…Flynn O'Shay never thought twice about rushing into a deadly blaze if it meant saving someone's life. But untangling the mystery of the enchanting Whitney Charles? That took a different kind of guts. Sure, he'd been brave enough to steal a kiss from the sleeping beauty while she was still unconscious. But now that she was awake and tight-lipped about her involvement in the suspicious fire, Flynn needed to proceed with caution. Could he charm her into confessing the truth in time? Or would a killer's next move incinerate his dreams for a happily ever after?

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Год издания: 2018

ISBN (EAN): 9781472034632