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Complete Letters of Mark Twain

Complete Letters of Mark Twain
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The letters of Mark Twain are peculiarly of the revealing sort. He was a man of few restraints and of no affectations. In his correspondence, as in his talk, he spoke what was in his mind, untrammeled by literary conventions.

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  • Foreword
  • Mark Twain A Biographical Summary
  • Mark Twain’s Letters
  • I. Early letters, 1853. New York And Philadelphia
  • II. Letters 1856-61. Keokuk, And The River. End Of Piloting
  • III. Letters 1861-62. On The Frontier. Mining Adventures. Journalistic Beginnings
  • IV. Letters 1863-64. “Mark Twain.” Comstock Journalism. Artemus Ward
  • V. Letters 1864-66. San Francisco And Hawaii
  • VI. Letters 1866-67. The Lecturer. Success On The Coast. In New York. The Great Ocean Excursion
  • VII. Letters 1867. The Traveler. The Voyage Of The “Quaker City”
  • VIII. Letters 1867-68. Washington And San Francisco. The Proposed Book Of Travel. A New Lecture
  • IX. Letters 1868-70. Courtship, And “The Innocents Abroad”
  • X. Letters 1870-71. Mark Twain In Buffalo. Marriage. The Buffalo Express. “Memoranda.” Lectures. A New Book
  • XI. Letters 1871-72. Removal To Hartford. A Lecture Tour. “Roughing It.” First Letter To Howells
  • XII. Letters 1872-73. Mark Twain In England. London Honors. Acquaintance With Dr. John Brown. A Lecture Triumph. “The Gilded Age”
  • XIII. Letters 1874. Hartford And Elmira. A New Study. Beginning “Tom Sawyer.” The Sellers Play
  • XIV. Letters 1874. Mississippi Chapters. Visits To Boston. A Joke On Aldrich
  • XV. Letters From Hartford, 1875. Much Correspondence With Howells
  • XVI. Letters, 1876, Chiefly To W. D. Howells. Literature And Politics. Planning A Play With Bret Harte
  • XVII. Letters, 1877. To Bermuda With Twichell. Proposition To Th. Nast. The Whittier Dinner
  • XVIII. Letters From Europe, 1878-79. Tramping With Twichell. Writing A New Travel Book. Life In Munich
  • XIX. Letters 1879. Return To America. The Great Grant Reunion
  • XX. Letters of 1880, Chiefly To Howells. “The Prince And The Pauper.” Mark Twain Mugwump Society
  • XXI. Letters 1881, To Howells And Others. Assisting A Young Sculptor. Literary Plans
  • XXII. Letters, 1882, Mainly To Howells. Wasted Fury. Old Scenes Revisited. The Mississippi Book
  • XXIII. Letters, 1883, To Howells And Others. A Guest Of The Marquis Of Lorne. The History Game. A Play By Howells And Mark Twain
  • Volume II
  • XXIV. Letters, 1884, To Howells And Others. Cable’s Great April Fool. “Huck Finn” In Press. Mark Twain For Cleveland. Clemens And Cable
  • XXV. The Great Year of 1885. Clemens And Cable. Publication Of “Huck Finn.” The Grant Memoirs. Mark Twain At Fifty
  • XXVI. Letters, 1886-87. Jane Clemens’s Romance. Unmailed Letters, etc
  • XXVII. Miscellaneous Letters Of 1887. Literary Articles. Peaceful Days At The Farm. Favorite Reading. Apology To Mrs. Cleveland, etc
  • XXVIII. Letters,1888. A Yale Degree. Work On “The Yankee.” On Interviewing, etc
  • XXIX. Letters, 1889. The Machine. Death Of Mr. Crane. Conclusion Of The Yankee
  • XXX. Letters, 1890, Chiefly To Jos. T. Goodman. The Great Machine Enterprise
  • XXXI. Letters, 1891, To Howells, Mrs. Clemens And Others. Return To Literature. American Claimant. Leaving Hartford. Europe. Down The Rhine
  • XXXII. Letters, 1892, Chiefly To Mr. Hall And Mrs. Crane. In Berlin, Mentone, Bad-Nauheim, Florence
  • XXXIV. Letters 1894. A Winter In New York. Business Failure. End Of The Machine
  • XXXV. Letters, 1895-96, To H. H. Rogers And Others. Finishing “Joan Of Arc.” The Trip Around The World. Death Of Susy Clemens
  • XXXVI. Letters 1897. London, Switzerland, Vienna
  • XXXVII. Letters, 1898, To Howells And Twichell. Life In Vienna. Payment Of The Debts. Assassination Of The Empress
  • XXXVIII. Letters, 1899, To Howells And Others. Vienna. London. A Summer In Sweden
  • XXXIX. Letters of 1900, Mainly To Twichell. The Boer War. Boxer Troubles. The Return To America
  • XL. Letters of 1901, Chiefly To Twichell. Mark Twain As A Reformer. Summer At Saranac. Assassination Of President Mckinley
  • XLI. Letters of 1902. Riverdale. York Harbor. Illness Of Mrs. Clemens
  • XLII. Letters of 1903. To Various Persons. Hard Days At Riverdale. Last Summer At Elmira. The Return To Italy
  • XLIII. Letters of 1904. To Various Persons. Life In Villa Quarto. Death Of Mrs. Clemens. The Return To America
  • XLIV. Letters of 1905. To Twichell, Mr. Duneka And Others. Politics And Humanity. A Summer At Dublin. Mark Twain at 70
  • XLV. Letters, 1906, To Various Persons. The Farewell Lecture. A Second Summer In Dublin. Billiards And Copyright
  • XLVI. Letters 1907-08. A Degree From Oxford. The New Home At Redding
  • XLVII. Letters, 1909. To Howells And Others. Life At Stormfield. Copyright Extension. Death Of Jean Clemens
  • XLVIII. Letters of 1910. Last Trip To Bermuda. Letters To Paine. The Last Letter
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