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The Yummy Mummy’s Family Handbook

The Yummy Mummy’s Family Handbook

The Yummy Mummy’s Family Handbook
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2018 год
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‘Liz Fraser portrayal of family life is hilarious and so true. I loved Liz Fraser's first book, but this is even better. Every single mum and dad in the world should have a book like this in their homes!’ Amazon reviewThrow off your Domestic Goddess apron or Superwoman's powersuit – the new family ensemble is far more wearable.But work pressures, stroppy kids, and run-ins with the in-laws can all lead to split seams and frayed nerves, and family life isn't a simple one-size fits all.Liz Fraser, mother of three, invites you into the family home to explore the most common of domestic snags. From TV tantrums to refreshing your sex life, feeding time at the zoo to playground politics, she offers invaluable reassurance and top tips for keeping it all hanging together.A honest, hilarious must-have guide on how to survive family life.

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Год издания: 2018

ISBN (EAN): 9780007283248