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Kase on Technical Analysis Workbook

Kase on Technical Analysis Workbook

Kase on Technical Analysis Workbook
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2017 год
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Learn all you need to know about trading and forecasting with technical analysis

Kase on Technical Analysis is the ultimate guide to forecasting and trading technically, a comprehensive «„all you need to know“» review of the topics. Award-winning instructor, Cynthia A. Kase, CMT1, MFTA2, engineer, veteran energy trader, and one of the world's preeminent market technicians, captures her 30 plus years of experience in thirteen half-hour sessions, for more than six in-depth hours on technical analysis essentials. Viewers will develop a better understanding of charting and technical indicators, and get an inside look at cutting edge material based on Kase's own unique indicators and innovative approaches to trading and forecasting. The video describes key techniques for interpreting market behavior and developing a technical approach to trading. The workbook provides practice exercises that reinforce the concepts learned as Kase guides viewers through the various methodologies and their real-life applications to successful market interactions.

Technical analysis is based on the premise that the behavior of a market reveals all that is known about it. Price action, volatility and rates of price changes may be harnessed by Kase's techniques to forecast future prices, identify low risk, high reward trading opportunities, and to cut losses while letting profits run. Kase on Technical Analysis shows how it's done, providing clear and wide-ranging instruction and expert insight that helps viewers to:

  • Build a foundational understanding of charting and technical indicators, including an introduction to latest techniques
  • Learn the most important technical methods for interpreting and analyzing market behavior
  • Effectively apply technical analysis to trading strategy, risk management and market forecasting
  • Formulate entry and exit strategies by using pattern recognition and properly applying technical indicators

Technical analysis is a core discipline used by successful traders to assess market conditions and time trades. This package covers the aspects of technical analysis needed for intelligent interaction with the markets, from theory to practice, with concrete guidance toward real-world application. For traders wanting to «„come up to speed“» on technical analysis, for those wanting a refresher on the topic, as well as for seasoned traders looking for new ideas, Kase on Technical Analysis provides deep insight from a global authority.

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Год издания: 2017

ISBN (EAN): 9781118818923