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Bank of Moscow Labyrinths

Bank of Moscow Labyrinths
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“My Russia, my love, how long can we suffer?…” (Alexander Blok) In 1991 the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics collapsed. Revival of the new Russia began with a severe economic crisis, a result of so-called “Perestroika”, initiated by the first president of the USSR Mikhail Gorbachev. Russia’s immense, bottomless natural resources were flowing out of the country. During the reign of the “Yeltsin’s clan” factories, plants, gas and oil fields had been privatized and sold for nothing. New figures appeared on Russia’s political and financial arena: Berezovsky, Abramovich, Potanin, Khodorkovsky, Luzhkov, Sobchak, Gaidar and others. Due to their efforts national natural resources were plundered and ended up in foreign lands. After Yeltsin, Russia entered the next stage – financial. Budget money had been cut to pieces and those who were cutting it received up to 30 % in kickbacks. Russian politicians, businessmen and bankers were moving their capitals to offshore companies in Switzerland, UK, UAE and on the islands. Russia’s primary resources along with the “financial flow” were gradually settling abroad. Many readers would like to find out who and how transfers huge amounts of money from Russia to foreign countries.

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