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History of Julius Caesar

History of Julius Caesar

History of Julius Caesar
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2018 год
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Год издания: 2018

Дата поступления: 07 ноября 2018

Объем: 306.5 тыс. знаков

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  1. khmelyok
    Оценил книгу

    What was the recipe for becoming the most outstanding man of the history of ancient Rome?
    1) The person had to be born in aristocratic family (no other way, there was no chance of getting good education)
    2) Passion for reading, oratory and military.
    3) Charismatic, super magnetic personality which can win everyone's love
    4) Good family ties (how without them?)
    5) Ambitions. Tremendous ambitions. Not to be satisfied with something reached, only move forward.
    6) Unforgettable, almost unique style. "Caesar is merciful."
    7) The ability to risk
    8) And one and almost the most important. To choose the correct heir. To see him in young boy Augustus. How? Imho, it's the biggest talent of Julius Caesar that made him such a giant. He was first of the monarchs who will call themselves Caesars and this mostly due to Augustus. Bravo, Caesar! Topnotch pioneer.
    This book is very lively and touches the nerves. It's very dynamic, not suitable for those who would like to "taste" every year of life with the details.