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2020 год

The rich brain
How to help the brain run a wealth program
Vladimir S. Lavrov

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© Vladimir S. Lavrov, 2020

ISBN 978-5-4498-0118-0

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Introduction. What is financial literacy really?

Financial literacy is now spoken on every corner. But who understands what financial literacy really is? What does it include? What leads to? And, most importantly, how much does it cost?

Financial literacy is the ability to manage your time and your money in such a way that they do not go off without a trace, but accumulate and multiply, providing financial freedom for the rest of your life.

The foundation of financial literacy is only 8 key concepts that every literate person should know and understand:

– income and expenses

– assets and liabilities

– time and money

– capital and investment

Of course, each concept, like a Russian doll, includes a whole series of key terms. And those, in turn, consist of their parts, sections and subsections of economic science. But for the simplicity of the picture, let’s agree that financial literacy is only 8 key concepts, each of which contains four more basic sections:

Of course, this is far from a complete picture of the world of money. But this is exactly where you can begin to comprehend financial literacy, gradually deepening and expanding your knowledge of money.

Take a note: The world of money is not so simple as it seems to you now! But start with a simple one and the money will begin to reveal to you more and more new facets, which you do not even imagine now!

If you want to become financially literate (and who does not want this?), Then go through the four steps that separate you from wealth:

1. Understand how revenue and expenses are generated. Learn to increase your income and take control of your expenses.

2. Understand what relates to assets and what relates to liabilities. Learn to distinguish them from each other, acquire any assets and get rid of excess liabilities.

3. Understand the nature of time and money. Learn to manage your time and generate cash flow.

4. Understand how to create capital and what to invest in. Learn to set clear financial goals, build up capital and invest in certain profitable assets, getting good net profit that is not taxed at all (legally!) Or taxed at the minimum!

You can go through these steps yourself, or you can find a mentor who will teach you everything and save you time, money and nerves. Invest time and money in your brains, then they (time and money invested in yourself) will start working for you 24 hours a day, making you richer and richer every day! And you will get the opportunity to live the life you want to live!

Independent work.

Right now (if convenient) or tonight, after work, take a few minutes and arrange yourself a little brain storm. Sit in a comfortable chair and ask yourself:

– What is money? What place do they occupy in my life?

Do not look for answers to these questions in books or on the Internet. Try to answer them yourself first to see if you really know what money is. As soon as you find the answer to this question, ask yourself:

– How much money do I need for happiness? Why exactly so much, and not 10 times more?

Write in writing your answers to these questions and from time to time return to them to ponder them and correct them.

P.S. Initially, the book was written in Russian and only after that it was translated into English. Due to the specific differences between Russian and English, the author could allow minor inaccuracies in the translation. Do not judge strictly, for the English language for the author is not native. If possible, treat indulgently with possible mistakes and wrong words in the text. Remember that only those who do nothing do not make mistakes! Try to understand the essence of what the author wanted to say. Then you will get the most benefit from reading this book.

Chapter 1. How does your own brain make you poor and how to keep it from doing this?

Your brain has much greater capabilities than you can imagine! If you adjust it just a little bit, it will pull you out of poverty and allow you to earn good money! And if you train him a little, he will make you rich and give you everything you want! The only question is whether you really want to change something or whether you have already come to terms with the standard of living that you have by default and allow your brain to be lazy.

The brain is lazy by nature and does not like to just waste the energy that the cells of the body produce, this is a fact. Therefore, when everything suits you, then your brain calms down and seeks not to change anything on its own initiative. However, the brain can be trained. And every minute you do just that! You either train your poor brain, allowing him to be lazy and leave the important for later, or train your rich brain, making him dream, think, set goals, plan, look for unconventional solutions to current problems, build strategies for achieving certain financial results, make decisions and assess risks.

Functions of a rich brain: dream and think, set goals and plan, seek solutions and build strategies, make decisions and assess risks. In contrast, the poor brain has only two functions: to be lazy and leave everything for later! It is laziness and procrastination that train your poor brain! And intellectual effort and determination train your rich brain!

Your income is limited only by your perceptions of income!

Curiously, most people suffering from poverty do not realize that it is their own choice! They do not realize that they themselves allow themselves to become poor, making their brain lazy! And this unconsciousness always comes out sideways to them financially! Meanwhile, as soon as you understand the principles by which your brain works, you can easily change everything!

There are four key principles to your brain:

1. Most of the time your brain runs on autopilot!

This means that the way you programmed it once (or allowed other people to program it) – that’s how it will work until the input data changes.

2. Your brain independently filters all incoming information from the outside and shows you only what is consistent with your expectations!

This means that your brain palms in you what you want to see and hides from you what you do not want to see!

(You don’t have enough money? This doesn’t mean that this is exactly what you want to see! But you can focus on a shortage of money, or you can pay attention to an abundance of opportunities! In the first case, your brain will palm off on you the facts of a lack of money and filter out the possibility that you do not notice them, and in the second case, your brain will palm off on you the facts of the existence of opportunities for earnings and filter out everything else!)

3. Your brain is neuroplastic and allows you to transform any neural and associative connections at any time!

This means that you can consciously destroy and form in your head any associative connection between any two mental objects. For example, you can destroy the associative relationship between the concept of “money ” and the concept of “hard work”, and then re-form a new associative relationship, for example, “money + pleasure from the work process”! Your brain, having received new introductory notes from you, will immediately change its structure and correct neural connections!

4. Your brain does not see the difference between reality and imagination!

This means that your brain reacts equally to what you see in front of you and what you think about. You can convince your brain of anything if you just think about it!

(Do you have money? This does not mean that if you insistently repeat to yourself as a spell that they are, you will have them! But you can easily make your brain believe that you will have them through some time! You can make your brain strain and come up with a good way to earn big money, determine the ideal end result and outline a step-by-step plan that will only be realized! And then you will have money at the scheduled time!)

The power of financial intelligence

What you say to yourself during an internal monologue or hear from other people – this is the opening for your brain! What inputs do you give your brain – with such inputs it builds neural connections! And neural connections, in turn, build your life! Therefore, be careful what you say to yourself!

If you tell yourself that you do not have money, you will not have it! If you ask yourself: “Who has my money?” – the brain will find who they have. If you convince yourself that you are unworthy of a lot of money – your brain will lead you away from them. If you convince yourself that you are worth a lot of money – your brain will do everything to have it!

Choosing the right words for your inner monologue, you can radically affect your income! Ask yourself more often: “Who has my money? What benefit can I bring to people to get this money? What else can I do to get my money? What do I really want? How much money do I need? And what exactly? “Tell yourself more often: “I can do everything! I can do it! I can change everything! I deserve to live a better life! I deserve to earn ________________ dollars a month!

Think! How much money do you allow yourself to earn? How much money, up to a penny, do you think you deserve? How much money is in your picture of the world? And most importantly, why are there so many, and not ten times more?

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