Jennifer. Residence of Grief

Jennifer. Residence of Grief
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What to do, if your homelike world is broken, and in your new one you are haunted by nightmares? What if you can see things others can’t – is that madness? Or, perhaps, it is the rest of the world that has gone mad? Young Jennifer Parker has no one to protect and help her, as her parents died in a car crash. She has been haunted by terrible visions, resulting in her ending up in a psychiatric hospital. But treatment doesn’t make her feel better. Along with her new friends – other patients of the clinic – she tries to break free. However, it appears to be a challenging task for her, and she manages to leave the hospital only with the help of a mysterious woman. In order not to become the next victim, she would have to go through numerous challenges, and in order to rescue her friends, she would have to face her own nightmares.

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