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God’s Little Book of Joy

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2019 год


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О книге

A pocket-sized book filled with inspirational religious thoughts on the theme of joy.Each page has an inspirational thought, idea or quote along with a related Bible reference for further reading and encouragement.‘Joy is increased by spreading it to others’There are occasions in life when happiness and joy go hand in hand, and other times when a deep joy can carry us through the darkest of circumstances.God’s Little Book of Joy celebrates the joys that surround us, and highlights sources of joy even in hard times.Each of these charming gift books feature inspiring thoughts and quotes, with background illustrations and references to relevant Bible passages for further reading and encouragement.Every page has an inspiring idea or phrase and a Bible reference. Quotes are from a variety of sources and include contributions from well-known figures like Mother Teresa and Martin Luther King.Looking at aspects of life that affect every individual, 'God's little book of…' are accessible and inspiring reads.

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