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2019 год

Network Marketers Guide
Nishant Baxi

© Nishant Baxi, 2019

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Network Marketers Guide
Nishant Baxi
Table Of Contents


Chapter 1:
What Is Network Marketing
Chapter 2:
How Important Is Your Site
Chapter 3:
How Important Is The Product
Chapter 4:
Finding Keywords
Chapter 5:
Paid Traffic
Chapter 6:
Free Traffic
Chapter 7:
Using Social Media
Chapter 8:
Assembling A Team
Chapter 9:
How Important Is Customer Service
Chapter 10:
The Mindset Necessary For Internet Marketing Success
Wrapping Up


The idea of network marketing is sold as a tool to make money based on an individual’s own sales as well as sales from those recruited by the individual. This is of course a very lucrative way of garnering income thus the enthusiasm to recruit as many people as possible to join in the business the better.

Chapter 1:

What Is Network Marketing


The network marketing requires the individual and the team under the direction of the individual to be able to sell products using the direct contact way of marketing. Some of these items sold do require the personal contact between the buyer and seller in order to ensure the product is happily bought.

The Basics

On the down side these network companies are frequently faced with problems like constant criticism, price fixing accusations, utilizing the pyramid schemes system, high initial start up costs and many others. There have also been cases where the companies are actually faced with law suits because of the sometimes rather questionable ethics and dealings.

However for those who are very outgoing and focused on making a career from this type of work, find it very rewarding indeed. For them the remunerations are worth the time and effort they put in. though it should be noted, that network marketing is not suitable for those individual who are not really committed or for those people who are shy.

Perhaps taking the relevant precautions to ensure the potential company one intends to join for network marketing is legal and sanctioned by the relevant authorities is very wise indeed.

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