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Hardware and software of the brain

31 печатная страница

2020 год


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We live in the 21 century. Computers are everywhere, but our own live neurocomputer is still "a mystery". Not for all. Science collected impressive material and many questions are already answered. The problem is that different schools used their own approach. Interdisciplinary consideration is needed. Revived interest to Artificial Intelligence and Neural Nets brought a new player to the field. Now technical applications use bio terminology but have vague knowledge about real neuro-systems. For useful human-like applications, one homogeneous net is not enough. You need to implement a number of them and link properly. How? Read this book. The human brain definitely has memory, but does it have a processor? This edition adds the chapter about the limbic system.

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10 мая 2019

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2 апреля 2019



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ain is so different from our computers that it is an analog (more exactly digital-analog) device at all. Meanwhile there is something that unites them. It is very symbolical that computer programs and musical records may be stored on the same type of media such as optical disks.
28 августа 2019