Strange Adventures of Eric Blackburn

Strange Adventures of Eric Blackburn
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  • Chapter One. The Catastrophe
  • Chapter Two. The “Yorkshire Lass.”
  • Chapter Three. An Amazing Story
  • Chapter Four. I take Command of the “Yorkshire Lass.”
  • Chapter Five. We find the Treasure
  • Chapter Six. Caught in a Typhoon
  • Chapter Seven. Billy tells how we became wrecked
  • Chapter Eight. We go Exploring, and meet with an Adventure
  • Chapter Nine. We settle down on Eden
  • Chapter Ten. A Spider’s Web!
  • Chapter Eleven. A Raid by the Apes
  • Chapter Twelve. Islands of Fire!
  • Chapter Thirteen. We exterminate the Apes
  • Chapter Fourteen. Attacked by Chinese Pirates
  • Chapter Fifteen. A Surprising Reappearance
  • Chapter Sixteen. Svorenssen relates an Interesting Story
  • Chapter Seventeen. Is Trouble Brewing?
  • Chapter Eighteen. A Tragic End to our Troubles