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Oh, Don’t Ask Why

Oh, Don’t Ask Why
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Dennis Must is the author of Banjo Grease, Selected Stories (2000) about which Tom Jenks, editor (with Raymond Carver) of American Short Story Masterpieces wrote: “Dennis Must's first collection of short stories is no ordinary debut, but the mature work of a fully accomplished literary artist. Moreover, his originality, his deep irreverence, and his compassion for working-class men and women, parents and children, strivers and seekers of dreams, signal him as an inspired author in a new American grain—a visionary, poet and realist . . .” His plays have been performed Off Off Broadway and his fiction has appeared in numerous journals and anthologies. He resides in Salem, Massachusetts with his wife.

  • Правообладатель: автор
  • Дата написания: 2007
  • Год издания: 2006
  • ISBN (EAN): 9781597090582
  • Дата поступления: 12 октября 2012