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The Girl with Two Left Breasts

The Girl with Two Left Breasts
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Оценка читателей

The fictions in the collection The Girl with Two Left Breasts are not “been there, done that” stories written in a staid journalistic style where language functions as narrative workhorse, plodding inconspicuously forward, familiar and somewhat grey. Readers will encounter stories shaped and styled for the new millennium as image and metaphor are taffy-stretched and virtually collapsed in order to depict how, at this unique juncture barely beyond our century’s turn, cultures, genders, and points of view collide as characters struggle with issues of race, identity, sex and addiction in an unforgiving urban milieu. D. V. Glenn has been called by FC2 judges as “An important new voice speaking to us throughout the stories in an array of vivid, unusual tongues, all of them full of intellect, passion and poetry. Moreover, the collection strikes one as having been written by someone whose literary sensibility is already fully formed.”

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  • Правообладатель: автор
  • Дата написания: 2010
  • Год издания: 2010
  • ISBN (EAN): 9781597091398
  • Дата поступления: 15 октября 2012