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Past Life Regression & Reincarnation
Baxi Nishant

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Past Life Regression & Reincarnation
Nishant Baxi
Table Of Contents


Chapter 1:


Chapter 2:
Memories are Not Infallible
Chapter 3:
Fatalism is Not the Correct Approach
Chapter 4:
The Law of Cause and Effect, Karma
Chapter 5:
Lords of Karma
Chapter 6:
The Degree Of Reincarnation Leads to Self-
Chapter 7:
The Best Method for Resolving Karma
Chapter 8:
Right Relationships End the Karmic Cycle
Chapter 9:
Is Misfortune Always Retribution For Past Lives
Wrapping Up:
The Dangers Of Knowing Your Past Lives


Between the two concepts of past life regression and reincarnation, most people are probably more familiar with the latter. However, what few realize is that these two concepts are essentially linked with each other. Reincarnation has to do with the rebirth of a soul. If you believe that you will be reincarnated, then death is nothing to be afraid of. After all, if reincarnation exists for you it only means that life is but one cycle after another and death is just a transition from a previous life to the next. Get all the info you need here.

Chapter 1:



75% of the world’s population today believes in reincarnation. However, when it comes to Americans and other Westerners, such belief doesn’t come easy. Even though their hearts tell them it’s true, their brains insist for more proof.

Past life regressions are the proof they – or maybe even you – are looking for. Have you ever experienced a sense of déjà vu in your life? Most people do – and more than once at that. Such experiences produce very vivid images in your mind that you feel like it really did happen to you. The question is, why can’t it be true?

The Basics

Recurring dreams – good or bad – are also examples of past life regression. Children are more receptive to the thoughts, feelings, and experiences that linger in their minds and are remnants from their past lives. As a child’s mind is free from pre-conceived notions about what is real or not, it does not automatically reject what it sees. Of course, it’s a different case altogether when they tell the adults about it. Since children’s minds are also impressionable, being told repeatedly by parents, teachers and older siblings that what they’re seeing isn’t true will eventually train them to think at a certain way.

You are no longer a child, but it will still be difficult to reverse or even just alter your thinking process. However, there is much for you to enjoy if you at least allow yourself to consider the possibility of past life regressions and reincarnation. Things that you once did not understand about your life become unbelievably clear. You may also become more at peace with yourself as you see how you past lives have shaped who you are now.

Opening yourself to these possibilities will take time and effort, but this book is meant to make your journey of self-discovery a lot easier.

As you go from page to page, just remember to keep an open mind and try not to reject anything simply because your mind tells you it is not rational. There are many things in this world that are not rational.

If you insist in limiting yourself to only rational possibilities, life will gradually lose its meaning, its magic – -and even its importance.

This book is for everyone. Your faith, your age, or even how you define yourself is irrelevant. Many believe that the gods of different religions are simply variations of one Supreme Being.

It’s only the name that changes. Your faith does not have to change with this book. On the other hand, it’s guaranteed that how you see the world, your life, and yourself will change completely – and for the better.

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