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2017 год


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The novel is based on the real events that took place in Buryatia in 1986.

In the taiga, poachers killed the bear-cub in the thrill of the race. The thunderous echo was still heard, and she-bear rushed out from the nearby bushes. And men fired again. But ignoring the wounds, she swept away the murderers of her bear-cub… Two blows… Two deaths…

The loss of the bear-cub, physical wounds, pain, and rage made she-bear seek vengeance. As the result, thirteen men were dead…

The story took place in the forestry of Klyuevka. In connection with the appearance of the bear-killer in the region, the local forester decided to conduct a large-scale raid. He gathered a group of experienced hunters, headed by the senior hunter Mikhail Svetlov, and set them the task to kill the wounded she-bear. While Mikhail was in the forest and prepared traps for the beast, a tragedy happened in his family. His wife gave birth to a baby… Unfortunately, the baby was dead. After learning the terrible news, Mikhail refused to participate in the raid, realizing that he and she-bear had experienced the same grief. And he could not take the life of she-bear… of the mother, as she had become a killer only because of the people.

But nobody could predict that the fate of the unhappy young family and she-bear would be unexpectedly connected. And the outcome was soon to come…

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Tibor Kramer

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1 января 2021

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6 апреля 2021



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