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2017 год

Will I be able to lose weight
Russian test
Alexander Nevzorov

© Alexander Nevzorov, 2017

ISBN 978-5-4485-4317-3

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Today in our country, and in the whole civilized world, there is an acute problem of excess weight in people, more simply, obesity. In addition to large bellies, second and third chins, thick legs and buttocks, excess weight causes numerous illnesses in a person. I will not list them here, everyone knows about it. Everyone decides to reduce their own weight in different ways. Someone periodically starves, someone loads himself with physical exertion, someone tries on various fashion or exotic diets. Of course, any method of losing weight requires some expenditure. Physical, strong-willed, mental. But, knowing the right way to weight loss, or rather, believing in it, you can go through the entire procedure with the least cost and restrictions. In this book (Test), the most simple and harmonious way with the nature (person) for reducing excess weight is suggested. Passing the whole test, answering his questions and determining which group you belong to, you will also receive specific recommendations for a real and rapid reduction of excess fat (weight, fat).

Below are 19 questions and 5 different answers to them. Answer all Test questions and calculate the score.

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Will I be able to lose weight. Russian test

Александра Невзорова

Александр Невзоров - Will I be able to lose weight. Russian test
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