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The C.e.o. & The Cookie Queen

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The C.e.o. & The Cookie Queen

199 печатных страниц

2019 год


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Note To Self: A Steer Is Not A Pet…I, Greg Rafferty, must not be of sound mind anymore. Why else would I bid on–and win!–little Jennifer Jacks's prize-winning bull, um, steer? It could have something to do with her doesn't-look-oldenough-to-be-a-preteen's-mom mother, the woman behind our successful Ms. Carole's cookies. I was expecting The Brady Bunch's Alice, not a blond, blue-eyed goddess in denim. And I know Carole is keeping something big from me. I wonder why such a beautiful woman is so publicity shy? She won't become the spokeswoman for my family's struggling business, but I think some kisses might persuade her to tell me her secrets and let this longtime bachelor become the daddy and husband the lovely Jacks ladies need!

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Объем: 359458
Год издания: 2019Дата поступления: 13 января 2019
ISBN (EAN): 9781474021807