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Wyoming Lawman

Wyoming Lawman

Wyoming Lawman
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231 печ. страниц
2019 год
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Matrimony? Never again for deputy sheriff Matt Wiley. The only good thing from his first marriage is his daughter.His little girl might want a mother, but Matt knows that no woman should have to deal with his guilty secret, or his anger at God. He'll do his duty, serve the town of Cheyenne and keep his distance. Yet when courageous single mother Pearl Oliver comes to town, watching from the sidelines isn't an option–especially when Pearl lands herself in danger. His heart, Pearl's life and the safety of their town are all at risk. Only the love and faith he thought he'd left behind can help him win his way to happily ever after.

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Год издания: 2019

ISBN (EAN): 9781472023339

Дата поступления: 12 января 2019

Объем: 417.5 тыс. знаков

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