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Frisco Joe's Fiancee

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Frisco Joe's Fiancee

154 печатные страницы

2019 год


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Someone had rounded up a herd of twenty women for the Union Junction Ranch, home to twelve hard-ridin', heartbreakin' cowboy brothers! With the oldest conveniently gone from home, second-born Frisco Joe Jefferson smelled one big rat. The ladies claimed to have answered a housekeeper ad, but Frisco could spot matchmaking at ten paces.

He almost shooed them awaythen he looked into single mom Annabelle Turnberry's beautiful blue eyes, and Go away became Stay.

Oh, my! The eleven hunky examples of pure testosterone intimidated the once-burned, twice-shy Annabelle, especially the tall, dark and glowering Frisco. But when Frisco sweettalked her cranky baby girl to sleep, Annabelle's wary heart warmed. This cowboy acted tough only to protect his familycould he be gentled by a woman's tender touch?

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Объем: 278130
Год издания: 2019Дата поступления: 13 января 2019
ISBN (EAN): 9781472075321