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A Mother's Homecoming

A Mother's Homecoming

A Mother's Homecoming
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179 печ. страниц
2019 год
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Welcome Home, StrangerFor Pamela, returning to her sleepy Mississippi hometown means coming face-to-face with her past.At seventeen, overwhelmed by the responsibilities of a new marriage and family, she fled Mimosa. But Nick Shepard wasn’t the only one Pam left behind. Now, thirteen years later, she just hopes she can make things right with her ex-husband and the child she barely knows.Nick’s first instinct is to protect his daughter, but his little girl is hell-bent on meeting the woman who left her behind. With his own feelings for Pam being as powerful and allconsuming as ever, how can Nick know what he’s feeling is real? And how can he trust Pam again? First she has to convince him she’s through running. That she’s come home—this time for good.

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Год издания: 2019

ISBN (EAN): 9781408951323

Дата поступления: 12 января 2019

Объем: 324.0 тыс. знаков

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