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The Gems of Siberia

The Gems of Siberia
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…I had been tormented by all sorts of ‘Niusi-Musi’ horrible stories for a long time, until one day I’ve got a fogless and terrible dream. It was on the eve of my anniversary. I turned fifty.

I dreamed that I was in Minino, on the top of the Karaulnaya Mountain, with my father and mother, who dead long ago, and I was covered in mud from head to toe. My parents were crying and they led me to the precipice. Father angrily began to shake his old homespun belt, which was familiar to me since my childhood, and mother said sobbing: ‘I told you, my beloved son, Ignatushka: one apple is enough to choke over. Nevertheless, you put all sorts of nasty things in your mouth… It is sad for us to suffer such a shame before our home folks’…

The action-packed story ‘Grandfather Ignat’ and other stories by Tamara Bulevich will touch feelings of all the readers. The characters of these striking works are the real gems of the Siberian land.

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