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Wife In Disguise

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Wife In Disguise

204 печатные страницы

2019 год


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О книге

Josie Fitzgerald Scott was athletic, competitive and stubborn as sin–until an accident changed her life. Now she simply sought closure with unforgettable Del Scott–the man she'd once lovingly wed, passionately bedded, then contrarily fled…. Amazingly, Del didn't recognize Josie's reconstructed contours. Yet her sexy ex-husband seemed oddly, instantly drawn to this soft, delicate «stranger,» despite her new curves.Which gave Josie–as «Rose»–a second chance: to woo and win back Del's fierce male passion. But would limping, less than honestly, down memory lane unleash a landslide of trouble? Or–miraculously–lead Josie home to love?

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Объем: 367389
Год издания: 2019Дата поступления: 13 января 2019
ISBN (EAN): 9781408953891