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2019 год

Ukrainian for traveling
Express Course
Svitlana Nikolaevna Deikalo

Cover designer Svitlana Deikalo

© Svitlana Nikolaevna Deikalo, 2019

© Svitlana Deikalo, cover design, 2019

ISBN 978-5-0050-5287-2

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Lesson 1

For the first time in travel
Урок 1
Уперше в подорож

Good afternoon!

My name is Svitlana. I am an expert from a foreign language for tourists. I have developed several courses for travellers who want to quickly pump their English before the dream trip. Now I offer you a course studying the Ukrainian language.

In this course, I will show you the basic phrases with which you can easily and quickly speak basic spoken Ukrainian for your comfortable trip.

Each lesson will have its own colour scheme. This is a large seven-colour sickle in the sky that seems like a miracle – a rainbow.

We will confidently walk 7 magical waves of different lengths to the top. And get freedom. Freedom of communication in Ukrainian, and as a result, enjoy a comfortable trip.

The first colour is red. On the one hand, it symbolizes revenge and enmity, and on the other, passion, love of life, joy and lightness.

I will help you to easily learn English and get a positive trip experience.

For this, I prepared an effective way to memorize phrases. I will demonstrate to you a pronunciation system that is more convenient than the international transcription system. Thanks to its lightness and logic, you will immediately master it, and with it, you will achieve better results.

I recommend recording all words and phrases onto the recorder. Listen to them and translate. Divide large sentences into parts, leaving a 5-second pause between them. And in a convenient and free time to pronounce.

And then spoken Ukrainian will leave you an unforgettable trip experience.

The correct organization of training is a guarantee of your success!!!

1. Study any lesson by reading and working on pronunciation – this is a critical condition for mastering the language. The transcription will help you to reproduce the sound of words correctly, in order to facilitate perception, performed in English letters.

2. Pronounce individual sounds, words, sentences several times, slowly and smoothly, loudly and clearly, until the pronunciation becomes more confident. When reading the sentence, carefully practice the intonation.

3. Begin each lesson by repeating the dictionary of the previous lesson.

4. Engage daily: working on a language from time to time is ineffective. Enough to study in just 15 minutes, BUT every day. Schedule your work schedule in advance.

5. Each new word needs to be read, spoken and written down several times.

6. Sentences that follow the words will allow you to learn words not in isolation, but in the context, much more efficiently.

7. Never do carelessly, as any flaw will lead to errors.

Homework Tips

1. The task is to record your voice in an audio medium.

2. Record the Ukrainian version of the sentence or word on the recorder, reading from the lesson, leaving a 5-second pause.

3. Then listen and translate into Ukrainian (without peeping into the text).

Homework in each lesson:

1. Learn new words.

2. Create your own dialogue with a friend (4—6 sentences) about the upcoming trip.

So, to the point! Good luck to you!

– Do you like travelling?

Ви любите подорожувати?

Vy lyubyte podorozhuvaty?

– love travelling! I always travel.

Я обожнюю подорожувати. Я весь час подорожую.

Ai obozhnyuyu podorozhuvaty. YA ves’ chas podorozhuyu.

– What do you prefer to do on your travels?

Чим ви вважаєте за краще займатися під час ваших подорожей?

Chym vy vvazhayete za krashche zaymatysya pid chas vashykh podorozhey?

– Let’s have a journey together!

Давай поїдемо в подорож разом!

Davay poyidemo v podorozh razom!

– Where will we go?

Куди ми поїдемо?

Kudy my poyidemo?

– I want to relax by the sea.

Я хочу відпочити біля моря.

YA khochu vidpochyty bilya morya.

– I want to go to the mountains.

Я хочу поїхати в гори.

YA khochu poyikhaty v hory.

– Let’s go camping with tents.

Давай підемо в похід з наметами.

Davay pidemo v pokhid z nametamy.

– I always wanted to go on a sea cruise.

Я завжди хотіла поїхати в морський круїз.

YA zavzhdy khotila poyikhaty v mors’kyy kruyiz.

– I’m afraid to fly. Let’s go on the bus.

Я боюсь літати. Давай поїдемо на автобусі.

YA boyus’ litaty. Davay poyidemo na avtobusi.

– Where do you recommend to go in winter?

Куди б ви рекомендували відправитися взимку?

Kudy b vy rekomenduvaly vidpravytysya vzymku?

Travel —подорож

– I like to travel.

Я люблю подорожувати.

YA lyublyu podorozhuvaty.

– Let’s go on a trip together!

Поїхали в подорож разом!

Poyikhaly v podorozh razom!

Trip – поїздка

– This is my first trip.

Це моя перша поїздка.

Tse moya persha poyizdka.

– We organized a trip.

Ми організували поїздку.

My orhanizuvaly poyizdku.

Tour – тур

– I recommend to go to.. This is a beautiful country.

Я рекомендую поїхати в.. Це прекрасна країна.

YA rekomenduyu poyikhaty v.. Tse prekrasna krayina.

– What does the tour include?

Що включає тур?

Shcho vklyuchaye tur?

– The tour includes many excursions.

Тур включає багато екскурсій.

Tur vklyuchaye bahato ekskursiy.

Tourist – турист

– I go to the country as a tourist.

Я їду в країну як турист.

YA yidu v krayinu yak turyst.

Plan – планувати, план

– To plan a trip.

Планування поїздки.

Planuvannya poyizdky.

– To plan a tour.

Планувати тур.

Planuvaty tur.

– To plan your holidays.

Планувати свою відпустку.

Planuvaty svoyu vidpustku.

Historical places —історичні місця

– It is a good historical place.

Це гарне історичне місце.

Tse harne istorychne mistse.

Transfer – трансфер, транспортувати

– Does the price include the flight and transfer? – Yes, it does.

Чи включає ціна рейс і трансфер? – Так.

Chy vklyuchaye tsina reys i transfer? – Tak.

Ticket – квиток

To book a ticket – замовляти квиток

– I want to book a ticket.

Я хочу замовити квиток.

YA khochu zamovyty kvytok.

Traveling by plane -подорож на літаку- podorozh na litaku

travelling by car – подорож на машині -podorozh na mashyni

Travelling by train – подорож на поїзді – podorozh na poyizdi

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