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Fairytales for adults in the fourth dimension

Fairytales for adults in the fourth dimension
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It is happening, and your heart is beating inside of your mother’s womb. At the same time the inexorable countdown to your end has already begun. Everybody has their own lifespan.

Some timepieces are covered with magnificent ornaments of gold, silver and precious stones, and some are simple and unpretentious, but they all bring you closer to your death.

The hidden mechanisms of self-destruction tick away inexorably. Every precious drop of your life drips away into the ocean of time. Every drop represents a moment of your life; every drop represents the amount of time you have left, like a poison.

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Listen to your body clock. This is not the sound of your heartbeat. It's a different sound. It's the sound of your personal time bomb. Feel the movement of the cogs and springs, as this perfect mechanism is inside of you, and it defines who you are.
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