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The Sicilian Doctor's Proposal

The Sicilian Doctor's Proposal

The Sicilian Doctor's Proposal
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2018 год
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Dr. Alice Anderson doesn't believe in love, no matter how much the small community of Smugglers Cove tries to persuade her otherwise. That is until she meets the doctor she will be working with… the charming Sicilian, Dr. Giovanni Moretti.Gio has come to the tiny Cornish cove to reinvent himself as a GP after an injury ended his brilliant career as a plastic surgeon. Following the severity of his injury, Alice has made him feel truly alive again, and in return he is determined to show her how to live life, the Italian way.But will the strength of Gio's feelings be enough to make Alice realize she's done the unthinkable, fallen in love?

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Год издания: 2018

ISBN (EAN): 9781474066631