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Beneath the Major's Scars

Beneath the Major's Scars

Beneath the Major's Scars
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236 печ. страниц
2019 год
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When a tainted beauty… After being shamelessly seduced by a married man, Zelah Pentewan finds her reputation is in tatters. Determined to rise above the gossip-mongers, Zelah knows she can rely on no one but herself.…MEETS A FORMIDABLE BEAST! But her independence takes a knock when a terrifying stranger must come to her aid. Major Dominic Coale’s formidable manner is notorious, but Zelah shows no signs of fear. She doesn’t cower at his touch as she begins to get a glimpse of the man behind the scars… The Notorious Coale Brothers They are the talk of the Ton!

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Год издания: 2019

ISBN (EAN): 9781408943939

Дата поступления: 11 января 2019

Объем: 425.6 тыс. знаков

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