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Family Secrets

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2019 год


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The Lyon Legacy:Family means everything…and family depends on love.EVERY FAMILY HAS ITS SECRETS, AND THE LYONS HAVE MORE THAN MOST.Sharlee is the black sheep in the Lyon family fold. When she finished college her parents and grandparents expected her to join the family business, move back to the family home and do just what the family wanted. But Sharlee had her own ideas and decided to leave New Orleans, the Lyons and the man who broke her heart far behind.Now the family wants her back, needs her back–because her elderly grandfather's last wish is to see her reconciled with her parents. So they send Devin Oliver after her. What the Lyons don't know is that Dev is the last person Sharlee wants to see. She's never forgiven him for betraying her. And she doesn't trust him now–especially once she realizes Dev and her family will do anything to bring her back.Besides, she can't go home–it would make keeping her own secret much too difficult….

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