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Sweet Tibby Mack

Sweet Tibby Mack

Sweet Tibby Mack
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2019 год
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Matchmaker Matchmaker"Settle down for a warm, wonderful read by the talented Roz Denny Fox!"–Kristin HannahHave Matchmakers, Will Marry!Tibby Mack–sweet Tibby Mack. She's twenty-seven, which makes her the youngest resident of Yaqui Springs, a retirement community near California's Salton Sea. The folks there have become her family, her friends…her matchmakers. But since the youngest man in town is sixty-five, the chances of finding Tibby a husband are slim to none.Then…Cole O'Donnell is «enticed» to Yaqui Springs. He meets all the matchmakers' qualifications. Age: 30. Looks: good (make that great!). And he's inherited his grandfather's property. He's the answer to their prayers (though not to Tibby's!).What the matchmakers don't know is that Tibby and Cole have a history. Or that Cole's involved with another woman. Or that Tibby and Cole are at odds over a post office–and a game of golf!What the matchmakers do know is that these two are in love, and that once in a while, love needs a nudge….

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Год издания: 2019

ISBN (EAN): 9781472063328