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Real Cowboys

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2019 год
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Smart women stay away from cowboysTaking a teaching job in a desolate corner of Idaho was Kate Steele' s way of making sure her in-laws didn' t turn her son, Danny, into a shiftless bronc buster like his father. Except in the middle of nowhere she unexpectedly ran headlong into a genuine buckaroo….Don' t they?Being a good parent and a born rancher were all that mattered to Ben Trueblood–until gutsy Kate came along. Suddenly he found himself explaining to Danny the rodeo circuit wasn' t all that exciting…and considering the idea of hanging up his spurs. Anything was possible if it meant having Kate.HOME ON THE RANCHCowboys, ranches, home and family–stories you won' t soon forget.

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Год издания: 2019

ISBN (EAN): 9781472078926