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Fairy-Tale Family

Fairy-Tale Family

Fairy-Tale Family
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2019 год
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ONCE UPON A FAMILYOnce, Ellie Sander had believed in fairy tales…until her illusions were shattered and she found herself single mom to four cherubic–though sometimes challenging–children. For them, she had to be strong–and smart. No cads in Prince Charming clothes for her ever again!Gorgeous, gregarious, great with her kids–Mitch Kole arrived in Ellie's life like a knight in shining armor. But his stay was only temporary, while his bachelor status seemed permanent. Dare she dream that this man who'd claimed her heart and touched her soul could become her happily-ever-after husband…and a fairy-tale father?

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Год издания: 2019

ISBN (EAN): 9781472070210