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Rocky Mountain Redemption

Rocky Mountain Redemption

Rocky Mountain Redemption
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2019 год
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Indulge your fantasies of delicious Regency Rakes, fierce Viking warriors and rugged Highlanders. Be swept away into a world of intense passion, lavish settings and romance that burns brightly through the centuriesPamela Nissen is an award-winning author with a love for creating. Whether characters, cooking, scrapbooking or other artistic endeavors, she delights in putting things together for others to enjoy. While homeschooling her children in 2000, she started handwriting her first novel, and after finally stepping into the computer age, she won first place in the 2007 Heart of the Rockies Inspirational Romance category. Since then she hasn't looked back.Pamela lives in the woods in Iowa with her husband, two boys, her Newfoundland dog, cats and one churlish bunny. She loves watching her children pursue their dreams and can be found cheering on the sidelines at her boys' games or being moved to tears as she watches her grown daughter perform on stage.If she's not writing or serving lattes at the local Starbucks, she enjoys scrapbooking weekends with her sister, coffee and conversation with friends and running in the rain. Having glimpsed the dark and light of life, she is passionate about writing «real» people with «real» issues and «real» responses.

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Год издания: 2019

ISBN (EAN): 9781408938119