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2020 год

Oleg Shtelman
Calming the Storm

© O. Shtelman, 2020

© International Union of Writers, 2020


The Happiness

A man is born into this world,
It dwells, gets strong, surviving,
Towards the happiness, this road
Is all what he is striving:
Towards the mountains to conquer,
To love, to glory, and the wealth
To force the enemies to fear,
To stay in power's control shells.
Still, there's a problem here today,
This happiness is flipping,
Like water – it just drifts away,
Like sand through fingers slipping.
Is it an enemy to blame,
Insidious case you're fighting?
Where is the safety beacon’s fame
From all this mess inside you?
It happens so that only one,
A peak abandoned in thought,
Unbowed, it still stays alone,
Only a soul of it's lord.
And very often, this same man,
It's own enemy becomes,
Living for years, even then,
Misses solution in a glance.
An answer in what Christ has taught,
In simple things He asked to follow,
That's hidden in your heart and thought,
In His to us so humble calling.
And there is harmony of soul,
As being born in heart so pure,
Will thirst for silence of the Lord,
And towards Him will open door.
And there is an immortal love,
That costs much more than diamonds,
And there's eternity's embow,
And passionless talent's finding.
And there is real power there,
As it's a miracle from God,
To stay in control of one's being everywhere,
No greater power man has got.
That happiness – inheritance so peaceful,
The simple things for us in store,
Next to eternity, so quiet and blissful,
It's where the Christ is calling His friends for.
18.08.2017, Šiauliai, Lithuania.

The Christmas Miracle

The Earth has taken shelter of the night
And all the ways drown deep inside,
All voices became silent and the eyes are closed tight
Under the power of the darkness falling wide.
Then sound of the heavens opened doors —
Along to hymn of solemn winds so strong
A glorious angel came to Earth
And many choirs sang along:
– ”Oh, people, people! Praise the God!
He came to you with love
To find a way to people’s hearts,
A little child sent from above.”
The constellations move in skies above,
And Milky Way has made a different turn
To city of the Bethlehem it ran
To manger where the baby has been born.
The star has been born in the night to stay —
There is a banner in the wondrous skies,
Kings with the camels are on their way
As every heart to cradle so aspires.
And all the shepherds, next to flocks they sit
Next to a manger they all see
An infant-God and Christ they watch in it
As their lambs so quietly bleat.
And He just watches them with light so pure
And gives the joy He has for all inside.
Mother of God, just like a moon through door,
Reflects all glory with her divine light.
What shall one give to baby Christ,
How can one show the love so strong?
– Live with your hearts all pure inside,
Gifts – acts of faith that come along!

Christ's Commandment

As He prepared the Apostles,
To the covenant of the new Easter,
With love, He tried to fill their hearts,
With fire so bright and blissful.
And knowing that the time has come,
Last moment that's deciding,
And that the light of sun's gone down,
A coming of an hour terrible.
Rose from the supper and took of
The clothes he was in,
And then picked up a towel clean,
And sink with water filled.
And He began to wash their feet,
Of disciples beloved,
And wiping of with towel, saw them sit,
With eyes of so much yearning.
Comes up to Simon Peter as He says,
“Give me your feet, my brother?”
Apostle, hesitating, sways:
“Lord, you do not wash them, rather.
As all the hosts, they have the slaves,
To wash the feet of strangers,
We must respect you, so it says,
And wash the dust remaining.”
“This, what I am doing now,
Will be revealed as time passes by,
If I won’t wash your feet by now,
You will not be a friend of mine.
Neither a part to share with me,
That for my children I prepare.
And here is covenant I give,
Accept it free with greatest care.”
And Peter then exclaimed to Him:
„Not only feet, my Lord,
My hands and head can be washed too,
If only you so want.“
„To those who washed only feet left
To wash and then he is all clean.
And you are pure, oh, friends of mine,
Still one of you remains unclean within.“
Since you believe that here I am,
A teacher and the Lord,
Then to each other do it then,
What you have seen and learned.“
By hearing His disciples talk,
Of who has more in acting,
Of who belongs to greater flock,
And thus, should be respected,
The Christ has told, hearing them talk:
„The Kings, – they have the world encircled,
And those who got under this flock,
Are proud to wear the purple.“
Our Benefactor! – people say,
As filled with much delight.
An opposite among you may
Just dwell and live its side.
And one who wants the greatest be,
Just work as less the greatest.
And to serve everyone, – be free,
A chief of all the eldest.
It's common to believe for men,
That one who's put above,
And lesser, what can be said then,
One serving less somehow.
And here I stand among you now,
As one who came to serve,
From God into this world with love,
I speak for you to learn.
Commandment, here I give to you,
Yes, you do love each other,
And they will recognize you too,
As you're in Christ, my brothers.
A foundation of faith it is,
It's where the laws should stand upon,
A cornerstone is what I am —
You’re like backwaters to hold on.
And here my love, I give to you,
Inheritance for you it may,
It leads me towards blood and through,
There's no other solution or a way.
And towards death, Golgotha for you all,
And those who come in future days,
My love will die when hour takes its toll,
And will arise on the third day.
I am a Lamb of God for men,
The one that will be slain as time will come,
From power of the evil, judges so unfair,
From those who slyly slander everyone.
All what I do, I do for you,
A covenant, it must be kept in care,
So not in vain, I test you through,
When a death hour will be there.“
By then, the Judas walked at night,
With crowd to Christ in joyous waving,
Executioners by his side,
He kissed the Lord, betraying.
The devil finished with his trap,
Made out of evil hearts,
And in his judgment like satrap,
He fell through his own thoughts,
It is a trap one he will fall into, he made,
Disastrous times he carved,
He walked all time towards his fate,
Golgotha he prepared.

We are not Orphans

Living with the worldly troubles,
Day by day across may fly,
Feeding from the earthy staples,
We don't see the God in sight.
Thinking that we own the world of God,
As Creator as if put aside,
Not for Him the Lyras play from heart,
And not for Him the souls bloom inside.
And thinking that we are the kings,
By learning laws, as we believe,
Of some unknown nature origins
A godlessness reproach we give.
Out of the soil we are ashes and the dust,
From which the Lord has made us all,
Our merits there are none, see it at last,
Our Father gave it all to people, free for all.
Just anyone of us, if he or she were God,
Would hit the globe with mighty fist,
And filled with fear, in an instant nod,
They would become Creator's slaves, at least.
The Lord has acted in another way,
And sent His only and beloved Son,
A worthy creator of love, He had His say,
Wishing for peace for everyone.
Not to punish or throw in perdition,
But to help us see what we are, why and how,
To serve to people, give a recognition,
To open up the door to Heavens with great love.
No need for slaves made out of fear,
As „children“ He is calling us with care a Father gives,
A heart that's filled with love so dear,
Our Father knows, it is a greatest gift one can receive.
We are not orphans anymore,
We have the Father that's in Heaven,
Just open up your heart's unlocked door,
As your gift back to Him that you are sending.
He is giving a hint on His own,
That anyone who lives in this world,
With a purest heart learns what is known
What Determinant for us all got.
One should learn with his heart to see,
Hearing all words that He says.
Those who seek for truth, he will fill,
Those who thirst for truth – get the ways.
All the answers to the questions are here,
And a different world we shall see,
When in dear God born again,
Then the peace of mind we shall bear.
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