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  • In some cases this could be prestige, approval, and status.
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  • than circling the parking lot to find a space to park? Companies with a strong people-oriented culture believe that the dignity of all people is paramount. Whether a manager or a worker, all contribute toward a common goal; all have basic needs for being appreciated as persons; all have the desire to feel competent in carrying out their task, whatever it is.
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  • 1. performance n – зд. показатели (результаты) деятельности; исполнение
    perform v – действовать, выполнять, достигать
    2. driver n – зд. движущая сила, двигатель
    drive v – двигать
    3. job n – работа, дело, труд, задание, рабочее место
    4. opportunity n – возможность
    5. downsizing n – уменьшение в размерах (повышение эффективности компании за счет уменьшения числа сотрудников и продажи непрофильных предприятий)
    6. employee n – сотрудник, занятый
    employer n – работодатель
    employment n – занятость
    unemployment n – безработица
    unemployed n – безработный
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  • how much effort will be expended to perform the job in order to meet organizational goals
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  • Planning vs. Forecasting?
    In a business plan, companies will generally make a «forecast» of sales revenue on a month-by-month basis for the next few years. How can a company say that in May of next year it will generate sales of $2.3 million from Product A? Is this a guess?
    If a company says it «plans» to achieve sales of $2.3 million, it is implied that there are specific activities that have been defined that will lead to this target. To this end, the distribution channels for the product must be defined. Pricing assumptions have to be tested and adjusted. Advertising budgets and schedules must be worked out. Most importantly, the resources required to achieve the desired sales level must be calculated.
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  • What is Marketing?
    What is the difference between marketing and selling? My old VP of Marketing buddy said it well: «Selling is getting rid of something you’ve got. Marketing is having something you can get rid of.» A successful marketing oriented company is not product driven. Its success comes because of its focus on customers and their needs and wants.
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